Personal Trustee Services & Trust Administration

When you create a Trust, you will likely be both the Grantor (Trust Maker) and the Trustee. When you can no longer fulfill the role of Trustee due to illness or death, a Successor Trustee named in the Trust document will be responsible for following through on the terms of the Trust. The Successor Trustee will distribute property or money to beneficiaries (including you, if you are ill, disabled, or mentally incompetent) outright or will supervise their inheritances by controlling the investment of assets and the payment of bills, educational expenses, living expenses, medical bills, or other items, as the Trust Maker has directed.

Family Members and Banks as Successor Trustees

When the Successor Trustee is a family member holding the purse strings, it can cause very hard feelings when there are disagreements about disbursements. These disagreements have been known to destroy family relationships. Having a bank trust department act as Successor Trustee solves this problem, but with high bank employee turnover and frequent bank mergers, your heirs may end up with very inconsistent service that can most certainly be very impersonal and frustrating.

In the event you do not wish to appoint a family member or bank trust department to act as Successor Trustee for your beneficiaries, we can provide that service to you. We pride ourselves in providing very personal, compassionate, and highly professional trustee representation.

We Are an Impartial, Neutral, and Professional Trustee

Acting as Trustee and Fiduciary to your estate, we are an impartial, neutral, professional party who follows and adheres to the directives in your Trust documents for the benefit of your heirs. We charge a fee for this service that is a percentage of the assets in the estate, much like a bank trustee would. We will work with your existing advisors (financial planners, accountants, bankers, etc.) to continue to manage the assets in your Trust in the way you desire, as outlined in the Trust documents. This is another advantage over bank trust departments, who often require that financial advising and asset management services be transferred to their institution (for an additonal fee) rather than remaining with your trusted, independent advisors.

If you wish to utilize our Personal Trustee Services, please contact us. We can act as your Trustee from the beginning, or we can simply take over after you have passed or are unable to fulfill the requirements of that role yourself.