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Estate Planning

For estates of all sizes, from simple to complex. Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, Guardianship, Asset Protection, Legacy Wealth Management, and Professional Trust Administration.



Administration and representation throughout the probate process. Testate and intestate matters. Tennessee and Florida, all counties.


Business Law

Legal entities not just for your business, but also for asset protection and mitigating risk. Legal documents for small to medium sized businesses and real estate investors.

An Attorney Who Cares About You, Your Family, and Your Future

We know that when you hire Vermillion Law to do your legal work, you’re counting on us to provide exceptional client service, not just now, but for many years to come.
We specialize in peace of mind.


Professional ethics and adherence to the highest standards of client service are why people trust us to be their legal counsel.


An attention to detail hard to find nowadays in any industry. Clients and professional colleagues comment on it regularly, and we’re proud of that.

Compassionate Guidance

Clients come to us in sometimes very difficult circumstances. No matter their situation, we are always focused on meeting their needs, both as legal advisors and as fellow human beings.


We invest a significant amount of time and money in continuing education and partnerships with other experts in their fields for the benefit of our clients.

Strength & Experience

You want your attorney to be tough but fair, strong but kind. We are those things and more, with over 15 years of legal experience and more than 30 years in business.

Our Founder: Leigh Cowden

Leigh is a USAF Veteran, wife, mother and attorney, licensed in Tennessee, Florida, & New York. She’s been practicing law since 2007 and has over 30 years of business experience in several industries, including aviation, medical devices, insurance, securities and financial planning, hospitality, transportation logistics, university education, publishing, real estate investing, and both litigation and transactional legal practice. She’s lived in East Tennessee since 2018, and before that she lived in France for 8 1/2 years. Florida was her home for many years as well, along with California, New York, Idaho, Mississippi, and North Carolina. She’s been married to her husband Craig for over 20 years and has 5 children and 9 grandchildren. She’s a big animal lover and a tennis fanatic. Today, she splits her time between Tennessee and Florida, with offices in both states.

Our Services

Will-Based Estate Plans

Simple to slightly more complex, for those who have smaller estates and do not own real property.

Trust-Based Estate Plans

For those who want to avoid probate, avoid or lower taxes, protect vulnerable heirs, and take advantage of asset protection strategies. Essential for those who own property or businesses or have significant assets.

Trust Admin & Fiduciary Trustee Services

We can help manage your trust & serve as Trustee , insuring your beneficiaries receive assets from the trust as you’ve directed. Your quarterback for a smooth-running estate team.

High Net Worth Plans

For those with estates in excess of $10M, employing strategies that maximize tax savings, minimize capital gains, and take advantage of trust-friendly statutes. Maximize asset protection and protect generational wealth.


Probate administration with the court, compassionate coordination and guidance for the Personal Representative.

Power of Attorney, Advance Directives

All of the ancillary documents needed for a comprehensive estate plan.

LLC Business Formation

Excellent vehicles not just for your business entity, but also great for asset protection and mitigating risk.

Don’t Wait

We often see clients who come to our office seeking help with fixing problems that could have been avoided with some basic legal solutions. Don’t put off your business or estate planning for another moment. Take care of the things that are important to you TODAY.


Online Access

Easy Consultations

Flat Fee Options


Total Guidance

What Our Clients Are Saying

John Sanson
John Sanson
We went to listen Leigh explain all the ins-outs of wills and trust in her seminar. We then had most information we needed to proceed with our family planning plus we used Leigh at Vermillion. We were very pleased how everything went together in September for us. Thanks John, Patti
Janie Wallace
Janie Wallace
We first became aware of Ms. Cowden and her services via a free seminar she conducted at the Blount Chamber of Commerce. She was personable, approachable, and informative during that sessions. We felt her services fit our needs, so we took advantage of the free one-hour follow-up session. During that session, she again was personable, approachable, and professional. We have since decided to engage fully with her to take care of our estate planning needs. We definitely recommend you making contact with her.
Allison Bennett
Allison Bennett
Very thankful for Leigh Cowden. She helped me with my mother's trust by explaining the process & walking me through it every step of the way.
michael ferraro
michael ferraro
It was that time in life, that I needed to get serious about my estate. I thought I did a through Google search and getting lawyers that say they do estate planning, then when you dive in deeper into investigating these so called estate planners and it turns out, most of them are out their are doing DUI or hang out at "The Dragon", sorry but that's not for me, I wanted an estate planner. The ones I could find would never return my calls and that's not a way to run a business. I held a 5 star rating when I was in business for myself and I typically do not deal with any company that isn't 5 star rated. I happen to stumble upon Vermillion Law Firm and I am so glad I did. Leigh return my call later that day, she invited me to one of her free seminar that she holds about estate planning and setting up a will and/or trust. So I figured "what the hell" and she impressed me, which is not easy to do. Now I have had to deal with both a will and trust with my parents and a trust is the way to go. Leigh was both knowledgeable and very professional in helping me navigate this process. I highly recommend Vermillion Law.
Melissa Solomon
Melissa Solomon
Leigh was so helpful and gave us great peace of mind after a really difficult situation. We will be attending one of her seminars and plan to do our estate planning with her. Highly recommend.
Melonie Effler
Melonie Effler
I initially met Leigh when she spoke and answered questions for a group of local entrepreneurs, the knowledge she passed on in that one night was just the beginning! When the time came to set up my business entity I had no doubt Leigh was the one to call. She took the time to explain all my options and answered every question I had thoroughly; making sure that I understood every step of the process and made informed decisions. Leigh is friendly and easy to talk to, always delivers quality and timely service, and took all the worry out of this process for me. I can't imagine doing all this without her on my side!
Charles & Shannon Kirby
Charles & Shannon Kirby
When searching for an attorney for our estate planning, I settled on Leigh Cowden for two reasons - her high Google reviews and her engaging website. She seemed approachable. When I submitted a request for for information via email, she promptly called me herself. All contact throughout the process was done with her personally, and I'm not sure she ever sleeps because she responded to emails late in the evening. She was able to get us in within a couple days to discuss estate planning. As others have pointed out, she excels at professionalism and thoroughness. She explains everything in laymen's terms and doesn't use any sales tactics for her services. She is straightforward and kind. I highly recommend her as an estate planning attorney.
Kim Coada
Kim Coada
My husband and I went to Leigh Cowden to set up a plan for our will and the best way to handle the transfer of our assets in the simplest and most efficient way. She did an amazing job. We would highly recommend her and her staff.
Johnny Cope
Johnny Cope
very professional. was able to guide us thru amending our trust. very nice to know that she will keep in contact with us, to keep our records up to date. highly recommend
Kelly Wiggins
Kelly Wiggins
Leigh's approachable style and in-depth understanding of estate planning turned this daunting/difficult task into a logical process that we navigated through together. Thank you Leigh!
Planning Ahead Avoids Expensive Legal Problems
It might seem like a good idea to save money and cut corners by using online forms and the services of someone you’ll never meet on the Internet. But the expression “penny wise and pound foolish” often applies to the use of generic, one-size-fits-all legal forms. Invest in the things that will save you time, money, and future heartache. . .in other words: professional legal guidance from someone who has taken the time to learn about you, your assets, your concerns, and your plans for the future.

The Process

Every law firm manages its client relationships differently. We focus on exceptional client service and high level communications. This means your phone calls are returned the same day. Your legal matter is never put on the back burner. You are kept apprised of your legal matter in a timely fashion. And we are available to you when you need us. House calls are available for emergency situations.
How Our Client Relationships Start

Most clients enter our practice through a referral of a trusted friend, family member, or professional advisor or through attendance at a seminar. Our referral sources are often financial planners, bankers, attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, and others who work with people and their assets. They refer clients who are important to them because they know they can trust us to do an excellent job and treat their referrals like family.

Our First Meeting

We have a conversation either over the phone, Zoom, or in person about our services, your needs, and what we can do to assist you. The fee and costs related to these services are disclosed up front, and if you wish to proceed, we complete a Legal Services Agreement and collect part of the fee up front to begin the work.

Information Gathering
We ask for a list of items or information we need to complete our work, often in the form of an online questionnaire. We have paper versions too. As the work continues, we may ask for more information or clarification of issues. You are always welcome to check in with us if you have questions or need anything.
Work is Completed and Explained
Once we have completed the work as outlined in our Legal Services Agreement, we collect the balance of the fees due and schedule a consultation with you to go over the finished product and sign the necessary documents. You are welcome to ask any questions necessary to fully understand what we’ve done for you. Our relationship continues for as long as you need it to, and we are happy to keep in touch over the years to ensure you have all the legal support you need.